Survey Says
(ec- what TV show is that from?)
The US recently conducted its decennial census. In the spirit of this event, you are going to conduct a mini-census of your class. You will not be interested in race or affluence or education or any of the other topics covered by the regular census. No, your task will be to find out a little more 'important' information about your peers.

You will be randomly divided up into 6 groups. Each group will be assigned a topic - 

Clothing (type, style, brand, etc)
Spare time (how do you spend it etc)
Music (type, group, etc)
Food (favorites/least favorite, resturants, etc)
Career (parents', planned job, etc)
Vacation (location, activities, etc)

The first step is to devise a survey

  • You should spend 10-15 minutes brainstorming about the questions, choices, and information you want to find out about your topic
    • Brainstorming is just a rapid-fire collection of ideas
    • Nothing is 'right' or 'wrong' at this point.
    • Collect everyone's ideas and sort/organize later
  • Organize your topics into at least 10 multiple choice questions
    • Try to include the answers that you think will be most popular for each
    • Label each choice "A, B, C, D" etc...
    • Do NOT include an 'other' category: make sure your answers will encompass everyone's views.
    Next you need to type up the survey
    The following day, the class will take the questionnaires.
    • Each person will fill out 5 (you don't have to take your own)
    • You'll do these in your groups
    • Each group should receive their completed surveys by the end of the period
    Then your job will be to tabulate the results.
    These should then be entered into an Excel workbook.
    • The formatting and setup must be determined by the groups
    • Keep in mind that you will be calculating sums, percentages, and averages from this data
    • More information about the specific calculating requirements will be forthcoming
    When you have completed that, develop a series of charts and graphs that illustrate your findings
    Finally, present your conclusions to the class in a Power Point presentation.

    Requirements for the Power Points

    • PPTs must contain all 10 graphs
    • All graphs must have a title (which is just the question you asked)
    • All graph colors must be changed (none of the default Excel colors)
    • All text must be legible - so watch when you transfer the graphs from Excel: sometimes the formatting changes
    • PPTs must contain an introduction and conclusion slide.

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