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Utah food rocks!!
Provo, Utah: Food!!
And what would Grandpa's farm be like without some great food? We had the traditional curry/potluck dinner, with stories and pictures and all sorts of fun stuff. But what is better in the summertime than some cold watermelon and homemade ice cream? We had plenty of both...
Grandpa and Grandma rolled out the big guns with their watermelon supply
After all, they had a discriminating clientele to satisfy 
(Grandpa, Tyrel, Alea, Ellis)
There were always those who wanted what somebody else had... (poor Tyrel, above) 

And those who couldn't quite get enough of their own good thing! (Breck, right) 

The champion eater had to be Ellis, though. He ate the watermelon down to and including the rind, grapes, cherries off the ground, and even green apples! There were, however, no signs of any adverse side effects!!

But what this crew was eager for was the homemade ice cream!
Everybody took their turn turning and turning and turning and turning and turning the milk, until some fantastic ice cream appeared. With those delicious doughnuts, it made quite a treat!!
What with all the excitement, however, the little ones were ready to go home. Three weeks on the road is a long time. After a brief jaunt out to Silver City, and with satisfied, weary, full hearts, we packed our bags and returned home, determined to come out again. Thanks for a wonderful trip, everyone!!
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