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Scenes from a Silver City sunset

Silver City, Utah

Ghostly ruins are all that remain of this turn of the century boom town built around a silver mine. Like the surrounding communities of Eureka and Mammoth, the depletion of the ore meant an end to its hustle and bustle. Unlike its sister cities, however, Silver City remains deserted to this day
Sagebrush in the evening light
We arrived, kids in tow, late in the evening after an unsuccessful attempt to meet cousins in Mammoth. The little ones clambered around on the ruins while we marveled at the color of the desert
Glow on the walls
As the sun began to set, the evening rays illuminated the largest building. Its purpose we could only guess at: library, ore separator, jail, factory?
The shadows deepen...
The shadows lengthened, revealing the rows of half-buried sluice gates, now overgrown with sagebrush
and night falls
As the sun disappeared behind the mountains, the lonely remains of a window looked out over a sleeping valley, waiting for a new owner to repair and restore it to its former glory

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