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The great Stutznicagouwoomer reunion trek. What a time: we had 3 weeks and could've used 3 more!
Missoula, Montana

We caravaned onward with the Toomers to meet Rob and Blanche in Missoula. During our time there we went to the local Farmer's Market, threw some lines in the water, visited Rob's office, oohed and ahhed over the 4th of July fireworks, and even caused some sparks of our own with a slight kitchen fire!!

Rob and Alea cruising the neighborhood
Blanche and Breck (both really look better than this!)
Rob gave all the kids the chance to ride his rockin' scooter
While Blanche tried her hand at dealing with a fussy baby!
Riding the wild stallions...
Of course, Missoula is famous for its carousal: Alea went 4 times!!
Alea and the giant dandelion
We also explored the historic Missoula fort one afternoon. Alea took the opportunity to smell the flowers, and we saw some neat characters getting ready for a play.
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