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Virginia City: Once the heart of the Wild West, now just a tourist trap
Virginia City
We left Missoula in search of the perfect place to experience the Old West: how better to do it than to explore Lewis and Clark caverns, check out a ghost town, and camp by an isolated stream? Well, at least the camping was great! We found that the caverns were not do-able with small kids, and Virginia City was not a ghost town at all (that quest would come back to haunt us (ha ha) later in the trip). We decided to settle for just enjoying playing the tourists for a while and ended up having a rather enjoyable time. 
Building the perfect etching
Alea and Dave worked together on making a print: rubbing the ink in a metal etching, wiping the excess off, and turning a press that pushed a wet piece of paper across the metal plate to create a nice little souvenir. (If any art majors out there know what this is called, I'd love to find out!)
We of course made a stop at the old fashioned candy shop and got a super big yummy pop. Alea was willing to ride on Shari's shoulders in exchange for a lick every so often.
This guy didn't need to cut quite as sweet a deal with her, though. She gave him a taste without any negotiation at all!
Breck was our little cowboy for the visit. 
Yes, we did go into one of those old west photo places, and after many adjustments, we did walk out with a picture (2 actually). 

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