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Our trip to the wild west in 1999. Starting off in Cokeville, Wyoming, population 493
Cokeville, Wyoming
Our first stop was Karla and Brian's home in Cokeville. Yiya picked us up at the Salt Lake airport and we cruised on up via Evanston in the big blue van. We spent a couple of great days there, getting reacquainted with the family and preparing for the trip north. One of the most spectacular aspects of the entire vacation was the great way that Tyrel, Ellis, and Alea all played together. They were super friends and made the time pass quickly for each other.
Daddy, what happened to all your hair?
One of the first things we did when we got into town was shave Dave's head. Why do this? Well, Brian's head is shaved, it is the hottest part of the summer, we're on vacation: why not? Of course, Alea's reaction was pretty funny. For about 10 minutes after it was done, all she did was rub his head and ask, "What happened, Daddy? What happened?"
The boys are back in town
Now all the boys were twins. Here are Ellis, Brian, Tyrel, Dave, and Breck all gussied up
Bumpin' up and down in my little red wagon
The kids really did play well. Tyrel shared all his toys, including the pool, sprinklers, cars, and even the wagon (Tyrel, Breck, Ellis, Alea)
We all scream for ice cream
Later in the trip (after the Montana visits), Shari came back with us to Cokeville. Here we're all chowing on some ice cream from the local A & W!
But yiya, I want mine BLACK
We migrated en masse up through Idaho towards Montana and spent the first night just outside Salmon, Idaho. Yiya gave Alea some serious pointers on marshmellow roasting there.
Dave an Alea got to explore some rocky crevaces and thick jungle (no, this was not the rock Tyrel used as a potty!)
Alea, Susan, and Breck enjoy the great outdoors
While Susan took advantage of some quality kid-cuddling time

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