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Grandma's trip 2000
Hacienda San Lucas is a beautiful bed and breakfast near Copan Ruins. We heard about it from some fellow teachers and decided to spend the night there.
Main patio area
This is the main patio where leather saddles, romping puppies, and tortilla-baking all blended to make a unique experience for the Stutz family and Grandma.

The original hacienda was built in the 1700's out of Mayan-cut stone that the Spanish found littering the area.  One wall and the flooring are original.  The rest of the house has been lovingly restored (using even more Mayan-cut stone!!).

Scenic hammock shot
Here we enjoy a little R & R at the B& B
Scenic hammock hangers

Traditional kitchen
A 'working' Mayan kitchen:
wood burning clay oven, cedar slab bench, hand-woven wicker baskets and wood serving platters
Leather saddles tooled in silver adorn the post outside our bedroom door.
 Most guests ride horses to the hacienda for their stay.

Alea and Breck on the turtle
The huge rocks have been carved to represent turtles and frogs.
'Los Sapos' is an ancient Mayan site where, according to local lore,  laboring women would go to have their babies. 
Hangin' at Los Sapos
Our guides were children whose families worked at the hacienda.
They gave us a tour through the nearby forest  and pointed out a natural spring, a variety of fruit trees, and a nimble Honduran squirrel. 

Copan is set in a fertile valley that has supported farming communities for over three thousand years. Tobacco, tomatoes, squash, corn, and coffee are a few of the products grown in the area. These barns are used to dry and store a variety of products.
Corn dryers

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