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Grandma's trip 2000
After the enjoyment of the evening at the Hacienda San Lucas (and the bumpy ride out!!), we headed off for a day at the ruins. Most of the pictures of the site itself are found on the main Copan pages, but we did manage to have quite a fun time even off the purely beaten pages.
Stela A

Frere Jacques!!
Scarlet Macaws greeted us as we entered the ruins. 
Breck thought they were pretty exciting, especially since they adorn the cover page of Frere Jacque, his favorite nursery rhyme .
Dad, Alea and Breck play hide and seek in the sepulturas.

Don't bite my finger
Red roof and flowers
Coffee season
Alea feeds Normita, a green parrot at the Tunkul restraunt in Copan Ruinas.
Beautiful red clay roof tiles adorn the homes in Copan Ruinas.
Coffee fields fill the mountains surrounding Copan Ruinas.
This is a warehouse for drying and packing the  beans. Men with long wooden rakes spread them out to dry naturally in the sun. 
Going to market
Young girls cary their wares to market in the main plaza:
reminiscent of a daily routine much like one 500 years ago!

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