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Munich 2006

Skylines and Soaring buildings

As we wandered the city, we were constantly impressed with the beauty that was everywhere. Remember that this city had been horribly bombed during the second world war, so much of the 'oldness' was actually restoration work. Nevertheless, to see the domes of the Theatinerkirche peeping over red roofs and even the interesting green facade of the police station was quite in line with what I had hoped for coming in.


Heading towards the Odeonsplatz, we came to the Residenz Palace. Originally begun in the 1300s, this series of buildings was constantly being added to by subsequent rulers. One of the most interesting aspects is that all the facade work is just that - a facade. All of the brick lines and other 'stuff' is just painted on!

It also was home to a huge sundial. It is impossible to tell from this picture, but it was actually fairly accurate when we passed by (you could tell to the nearest half-hour what time it was).

Monuments were also spread out across the city. The one above on the left is a goddess that represents Bavaria, the state that Munich is the head of. She is located in front of the Ruhmeshalle, where Bavarians honor their intelligentsia, and looks out over where the annual Oktoberfest takes place, where Bavarians and tourists alike come to lose their intelligentsia. The Feldherrnhalle (Field Marshal's hall) was built in honor of Bavarian generals in the mid 1800s and has the requisite giant lions and statues of military men.


Climbing to the top of the Peterskirche as the sun went down gave us a chance to see the city from a whole new perspective. As we made our way around the crowded balcony, we were looking down on all those buildings we'd gazed up at for the last few days. Watching the Alps turn purple in the distance seemed the perfect way to cap of an almost perfect trip.

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