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Munich 2006

Life in Munich

We certainly got an eyeful of life in this bustling city; glimpses of both the old and the new. Everywhere we looked, there was certainly beer - from the horse drawn brewery carriages to the cafes on the walking streets.

One of Munich's symbols is a lion, and there were lion statues everywhere. I posed with the "king," and we saw some that were fashioned into beer steins, but my favorite example of art imitating life was the "taxi lion" placed - where else - right by the taxi stand!

Christmas was certainly in the air - from the decorations going up everywhere to the throngs of shoppers and huge lit up spinning candle pyramid. Unfortunately, though, Munich's Chirstmas markets weren't scheduled to open until the weekend after we were there. Bummer.

We were even privy to a 'young Greenpeace" protest for a few minutes - at least we knew what that was all about. We never did figure out what the gooseman was doing riding down the street with a turkey and a goose strapped to the back of his bike. All I knew is that I just about jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud "GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE" directly behind me!

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