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Budva visit #2

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Our second visit was with Grandma Wagner (who'd also come to see us in Honduras), so we did things little differently. This time, we flew into Podgarica and rented a car. We spent the night in the 'famous' Pelikan hotel and enjoyed watching the kids run around in the evening shadows with a bunch of local youngsters. The next morning, we watched some fishermen try their luck (by the ole fishin' boat) and climbed around some wrecked houses overlooking the sea.
We spent the day in Budva just hanging out in the town and enjoying the beach. the water was still too cool to go into for a long time, but Breck and Alea played on the shore while mother and daughter had some quality walking time.

The whitewashed buildings were exquisitely set off by the orange roofs and the blue water, sky, and mountains

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