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Serbia and Montenegro

October 2003 - Budva

see Budva in 2004 here..

Our first holiday was at the start of October, so we headed southwest to the towns of Budva and Kotor. Budva is a top Serbian beach resort. Our first big 'mistake' was not realizing that, even though the country is "Serbia and Montenegro," in the Montenegro part, they don't accept the national currency! Go figure. We needed to change our dinars to Euros, but with some fast talking (and a timely loan from our director - thanks Jerry!) we were able to get by. Oh my...
Budva beach at dusk
Breck at Budva
Even on the Adriatic, October is a pretty slow month for beach resorts
but it didn't bother Breck too much
Villas 'R Us
Being goofy in Budva
We stayed at a hoidy-toidy resort village that is probably the equivalent of Miami Beach during the high season
Aside from being eaten alive by mosquitoes our first night, the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves (most of the time)
Narrow twisting alleys
City walls and the Adriatic
Budva's main draw is its Old Town, rebuilt after a 1979 earthquake, with winding streets and all
The walls open right onto the blue, blue sea
Steps and purple flowers
The red roofs of righteousness
We were able to clamber along the walls,
and get a picturesque look out atop the red tile roofs
Moss on a holy stone
Whose turn to wash the dish?
See how clean my hands are?
There are quite a number of churches scattered throughout
and the paintings atop their doors are beautiful
Budva at sunset
Of course the kids loved the old cannons instead of the churches
but a great place for the family to spend a couple of days 
We enjoyed it so much, we went back for another visit in April (when Grandma came)
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