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October 2003 - Kotor

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Lion carving
The second part of our quick trip was to Kotor, a city that has existed since at least the 5th century. Its Stari Grad (Old Town): has never been rebuilt in toto, although there are obviously contstant renovations taking place. Although we only spent 2 days and 1 night there, it is certainly a place we would recommend and will take visitors to...
Straight up the mountain
Wall carving
Old cross

Test your Latin...

Kotor is an ancient city, with a fortress wall running straight up the mountain
bits and pieces of the past are everywhere.

Breck goes shoppingFruits aplenty
Extra virgin
One of our first stops was to local green market
where very fresh olive oil was available!

Where we ate pizza
Counting flowers on the wall
Churches everywhere
With the mountains in the back
Kotor is another old town of twisting, windy alleys, with plenty of cafes and neat flowers growing out of the walls
There are an inordinate number of churches and cathedrals, and their plazas afforded the kids many opportunities to go pigeon chasing!

Alea in the cannon
Breck in the cannon
We decided to be cultural and take the kids to the museum,
but you can guess which part they enjoyed most!
Hard a-starboard! No, hard a-port!
Once we made it inside, they did find something else to quarrel over
until Breck found an even more fascinating toy!

Kotor from above
Follow me
We figured no visit would be complete without a mountain hike
so we set off (kinda) early in the morning up the old cobblestone paths
There's the church
There's the church
One of the goals of the hike was the Our Lady of Health shrine
which looked even more imposing as we got closer
There's the shrine
There's the shrine
And tucked away deep inside its sacred confines
was a venerated statue of Mary
Snack on the watchtower
The hapy family
Kotor from way above
Battle droids and smiling princesses
We had a little snack on top of some 14th century walls, and mugged in front of the remains of a monks' sanctuary
but the views of the fjord were lovely, and the smiling faces of the young ones were evidence of a vacation well done.
We revisited in April with Grandma...
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