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What a beautiful city!

Belgrade to Bavaria over a four day weekend:

Ljubljana - Salzburg - Munich
Salzburg was the second stop we made as we drove Kerstin's car to Munich. We didn't know what to expect, but we certainly got more than bargained for.
The Sound of Music had it right. Wandering around Salzburg is a joy. Visiting there in the winter - but not during cold weather - gave me a chance to enjoy just being outdoors and looking at the buildings. I think it gives Ljubljana a run for its money in terms of being one of the cutest cities I've seen.
The Mirabell palace gardens are where the children ended their first singing of the do-re-mi song.

and we just couldn't help ourselves from breaking out into the same tune...

The palace sits at the base of the city castle

And provides a place for even a lonely goatherder to get a little love

as the Alps keep a silent vigil over the monasteries and convents of the city.

It is a timeless place, where the Salzach's waters flow as they have done throughout history and monuments stand to glories of the past.

And speaking of time, those cuckoo clocks are everywhere!

As is this cuckoo...

Salzburg: What a beautiful city! - Sights around town - Art, Architecture, and Amusement - Christmas Market

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