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Belgrade to Bavaria over a four day weekend:

Ljubljana - Salzburg - Munich

In November of 2006, I drove a friend's car back to Germany for her. On that trip, I got to swing though some beautiful territory and visit some great towns. Ljubljana was the first of these places...
Heading out from Belgrade, we blitzed through to Ljubljana - our favorite small city in Europe! We got checked in to the Bit Centar Hotel (of course), headed downtown for a nighttime walk (of course), and ate pizza (of course). One thing that we had never seen before were the fantastic lights on the Triple Bridge. Reflecting the country's red, white, and blue national colors, the sight was extremely beautiful.


The Castle

The castle overlooks the whole city. It is pretty tame inside: a vast courtyard, with various old cellars and rooms being used for modern day shops and exhibitions. It is neat to see that pieces of older buildings were slapped into the walls as the need arose.

The city is building a funicular - one of those tram car things to whisk people directly up there from the downtown. Great idea - wonder if I'll ever see it in action?

Of course, one of the best (but most expensive) places to shop is the museum store, where they have painted beehive covers (right) and cool jewelry cases (left).

Market Time

Cool stuff - including these springy toys

We'd bought some of this glassware last Christmas

A great setting for a local market

But wait - what's in those barrels? Oh right - I forgot that this is the sauerkraut season! Check out the big bucket o'cabbage ready to be sold. What a great country. Now if they only made kimchee...


The sights around the city are beautiful and compact. It is a perfect walking city, with plenty of cafes and restaurants to take a rest in when you need to. While there is no overwhelmingly oversized architecture, you get a feeling that there is just enough to look to keep things interesting without pretension

And it is so pretty!! With the river winding right through the middle of everything, it just keeps everyone honest, at least until you get to the Dragon Bridge. You didn't really think I'd have a Ljubljana page without the Dragons did you?


I groove on those dragons!!

Belgrade to Bavaria over a four day weekend - on to Salzburg!

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