In Memoriam: Peter Panagoulias

Pictures 1937 - 2000

Peter's high school picture
Stella, Peter, and Gallatia circa 1963
About 1963, Peter with sister Stella (left) and cousin Gallatia (right)
David, Peter, Yia, Robert, and Karla - 1973
Summer of 1973 - David (nephew), Peter, Maria (mother), Robert (nephew), and Karla (niece)
Yiayia and Uncle Peter in Florida - 1977
Yiayia and Uncle Peter in Florida, 1977
Lee Jr., Lorraine, Peter, Shari, Stella, and Lee in Connecticut, 1978
June, 1978 - Lee Jr. (nephew), Lorraine (sister-in-law), Peter, Shari (niece), Stella (sister), and Lee (brother) in Connecticut
Peter, Karla, and a friend in front of Little Favors - 1983?
Summer of 1983 (?) - Peter and Karla with a friend at Little Favors

May, 1998 - in Missoula for Shari's graduation (Nate, Shari, Karla, Blanche, Rob, Pete, Tyrel, Lorna, Ellis, Joe)

Pictures 2000 - 2006

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