In Memoriam: Peter Panagoulias
 Peter Panagoulias, 68, died Feb. 24, 2006, after being struck by an automobile.

Peter was born in Spartia, Greece, on May 7, 1937. He lived most of his life in New York City, where he served 33 years as a postal worker. Peter was a spiritual man and a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. He retired to Martinsburg, West Virginia in 2002.

Peter Pan was very special and well-loved. His smile was big and beautiful, as was his sense of humor. He greatly enjoyed bowling with friends. Peter was the kindest, most innocent-minded individual and was always concerned about safety. He was gentle with children and animals. He was devoted to his family and was always very generous. He selflessly watched over his mother for many years. Pete was a wonderful brother and everyone's favorite uncle. We are simply heartbroken over the passing of our Chacha, our Babalu.

Peter was preceded in death by his father, George; mother, Marie; and brother, Gus.

He is survived by his sister, Stella Panagoulias Stutz; and brother, Lee Panagoulias; three nieces and three nephews; 14 great nieces and nephews; and extended family in Connecticut, Florida, Montana, New York, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, Greece, Canada, Serbia, and along the East Coast.

Peter will be laid to rest in Belfry, Mont.

May you rest in peace, Uncle Pete.

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