In Memoriam: Peter Panagoulias

Pictures 2000 - 2006

2002 - Peter and Stella in the Martinsburg garden
August 2002 - Pete, Boyd, Blanche, Shari, Stella, Rob at Shari's apartment in Baltimore

Thanksgiving in Barboursville, 2004 - Pete, Sam, Blanche, Stella

May 2005 - Outside the Helena carousel with Boyd (left) and Sam (above)
 2005 - Canoeing at Spring Meadow Lake with Rob (left) and with Boyd and Sam (right))

June 2005 - Belfry, MT at Gus's memorial service - Dave, Stella, Boyd's back, Sam, Blanche, Rob, Pete

Pete and the Stutz family in Helena, MT - Summer 2005
July 2005 - with the Stutz family in Helena: Kallianne, Ellis, Tyrel, Karla, Seth, Pete, Stella, Boyd, Blanche, Shari, Roxy, Dan, Rob, Sam, Dave, Alea, Susan, Breck

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