Alessandra Marie Stutz
Fall 2003 - Summer 2004
Living in Serbia
Our whole family packed up and moved to Belgrade, Serbia at the end of the summer. We live there now with our 2 cats - Snowball and Midnight. Life is pretty much the same as you would expect for me being a big 7 year old

I was part of a big combined 2-section 1st grade...

I wore pretty dresses, 
got to be the fall fairy for Halloween,

Dressed up for UN Day

helped dad make snowmen in the back yard, 

swang with Breck on our tire swing, 
and even had time to fit in some rapping along the way. 

During the year, we got to see and do many other really cool things in Belgrade - check out our Serbia pages to see them. We also got to visit some neat places - come see trips to Budva and Kotor in Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, or Hungary.

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