Here it is - our cabin in the woods!!

Looking down from the road (so this is facing northwest)

This is a 1 room, no water or power cabin. It is a few hundred feet north of where we eventually want to build

This is the view looking downstream (north) on Tenmile Creek from below the cabin

And atop this rise is our future building site. I'm basically standing in the creekbed facing due north
Now I've turned around at the base of the building site and am looking upstream (south).
A bit further upstream the creek widens out and slows down a bit (again looking due south)

Here is the view upstream (south) that our livingroom will hopefully have some day from on top of the rise.

Now, Rob took these pictures in the winter:

Here's the cabin again, but this time in the snow

Blanche and the boys take a ski/sled ride

and then warm up inside with the wood stove

Here's the creek looking south from the current cabin site

and yes, it is a year-round creek!

Inside, it is a one room place with a loft above. It is well-insulated (the previous owner lived year-round there) with a handy dandy wood stove in the corner.
We set up the kitchen area on the back porch overlooking the creek. It was a great place to listen to the water (and the kids playing down below).
It is a great place to enjoy the sun and fun

and a super place to have a family reunion!!

We go back every summer; here are dad and the kids in July, 2007...