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Halloween 2010

Part 1 - Carving the pumpkins

Our Halloween pumpkin carving took place in the midst of a crazy week - Diwali celebration AND middle school social AND Halloween party tomorrow night, Oktoberfest on Saturday, Week Without Walls next Monday through Friday, and then our fall break trip to Hampi and Goa next Friday (leaving directly from the school after getting back from WWW)!
Needless to say, we were all excited about getting into these jack-o-lanterns!
Breck deisgned and (mostly) carved his own pumpkin, and Alea utlized some fancy knives brought up by our neighbors again (thanks, Kevin and Elizabeth!!). We even found some germinating seeds inside one of the pumpkins that we will try to plant.

In the end, we had one scary looking pumpking and one that had the greatest mustache (and some of us decided looked like that dude in Mythbusters). Hopefully the costume party tomorrow will be lots of fun!

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