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Alea's Water Fest

Alea was invited to spend last weekend participating in the first ever Wibit tournament held in India, sponsored by a maker of pool playground thingies. It was a couple of days that were filled with water, sun, and plenty of smiles.

It was kind of fun to see the differences in ages and sizes, as she went up against other 10 to 12 year olds - she was quite larger than some of them!! The wrestling event involved the kids knocking each other off the balance beam - great fun on a hot day!

The kids took part in all sorts of sporty type water activities, competing against other local and international schools.
Here she leaps to glory in the long jump event, making a huge splash and scoring a ton of points for her team. The team totals were compiled over both days, and her school team ended up 2nd overall!

There were relay races and obstacle courses, high jumps and inflatable kayaks. All great fun! (Larger versions of all pictures when you click on them)
Of course, this being India, the swim wear on some of the other participants (and parents) was interesting enough to observe...

And Alea was certainly a unique face in the crowd at the closing ceremonies!

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