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Sitar Recital

On the evening of December 23rd - the day we celebrated Christmas - we were invited to a neighbor's apartment for an open house/holiday get together. 

 They offered to stop in and do a song for us, and so we were all pretty excited about seeing and hearing them.

At the last minute, our friends were contacted by a sitar player and drummer who were due to put on a performance in the area.
The players were very enthusiastic and really got in to their music. I have to admit - the mix of cultures with Buddha watching over a Hindu drummer performing for kids with Santa hats on was pretty wacky!!
Susan even took a try at playing the sitar - pretty cool, as it actually has a 'double layer' of strings, but only the upper ones are played. Those underneath simply resonate with the vibrations from above (and the body itself is made from a dry pumpkin!!)

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