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We said good-bye to Lal and sent him back to Delhi. He had done a fine job, but we were ready to try some local transport. Dave got train tickets to our final destination: Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Breck’s one wish when he found out we were moving to India was to go on a tiger safari, so the next few days were all about making his wish come true. Our train was delayed by an hour, but the 2nd class seating wasn't bad. There weren't a lot of people, so we didn't feel squished. 

We arrived in Sawai Madhopur and took a horse rickshaw to our hotel on Ranthambore Road. It was actually very nice to have some semblance of quiet after the uproar of Jaipur. 

It was an RTDC hotel; very basic, but with lots of play space. The kids hooked up with three different Indian families (speaking varying levels of English) and played with the kids. 
There was a lovely garden with shade trees (and another puppy!!) where the kids spent hours playing. 

We were cold the entire time we were there. Thank goodness we had an electric heater for our room. Our socks and sweatshirts were rank by this time, but it was so cold we never took them off! The papers said it was the worst cold snap in 50 years.

But we were all excited bout the prospect of getting out to see a tiger!!
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