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6th view of Life in Bombay

I love this sign. It was posted last year, and I never took a photo of it, and thought I'd missed my big chance. But, I guess the marketing campaign was a success, because it is back for (at least) the second year in a row! I suppose there must be a big demand to get into the 13th best MBA school - in South Asia.

How about some other view of Mumbai life taken over the course of the year?

Pretty neat stuff all around a city in which religions can celebrate festivals together...
A downtown trip long ago yielded some great shots of what passes for normal in Mumbai:

Riding around in your backhoe, 

A basket waving family (above) and others (below) ply their trade from their homes on the side of the road.

Women selling garlands and a stern shopper.

Delivery vehicles from a famous veg restaurant in town

Chor (Thieves) Bazaar

while the friendly policemen (with their big sticks to break up mob violence) look on. This is before the November 26 terrorist attacks, and you can see how they are all unarmed.

A barefoot man wanders past a young watcher...

Solve all your problems here

And for those who prefer a non-veg lunch option!

But people in Mumbai also like to relax, as these women are doing - just hanging in the window watching the world go by. Of course, the Oval Maiden is a happening place to get together for a cricket match - if you can find room!
And when you do get hungry, what better way to take care of that problem than by a Dominoes delivery! In case you are interested, I did a whole series on traffic in Bombay on the blog. The traffic entries are:
    1. Rules of the Road Part 1 (Bigger is Better)
    2. Rules of the Road Part 2 (the Big 5)
    3. Rules are fine, but Laws don't count
    4. Emergency Services
    5. Road Rage
    6. Not part of the series, but we can't forget the rickshaw built for 8!
Go ahead and check them out for some other fine shots of traffic in and around town.
Of course, there are some other 'interesting' sites, including a big wire sculpture that I haven't figured out, and a funny misspelling on a local shop - Whity's dry claners? OK, I thought it was funny, and our neighbors who noticed it first did also!

And to finish things off, Breck testing out some fancy Indian clothes for a modeling shoot. What a handsome guy!

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