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Third view of Life in Bombay

Our roadside barbershop is not the only game in town, and stylists elsewhere in town are sometimes even more creative with their locations! The streets of Bombay are usually filled with colorful characters going about their daily business, such as the local shave and haircut man, some truck drivers with their brightly colored vehicle, and the local banana wallah.

People use whatever power is available to move things, from their herds to their heads. Of course, sometimes the new ways are best, as the egg truck demonstrates. 

The eggs don't look really secure in there, but I will show you (someday) the competition: boxes of them strapped on to bicycles!! There are still plenty of reminders of the lack of what we might call 'full industrialization' here. Pedal-driven sewing machines are the norm here, and Breck loves to try them out whenever he gets a chance!

And the old traditions do die hard here. Kids (ha ha) leading goats home on the eve of the Big Eid, when that goat is scheduled to have its throat ceremonially cut. Yummy.

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