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Just past one of the big (pink) city gates lies Jaipur's city palace - 

a museum, trinket shop, and residence for officials all rolled into one.
Apparently the current Maharajah lives here from time to time, but some of the courtyards and buildings are open to the public (for a small fee, of course!)

The museums range from transportation to weapons to textiles. Dad and Breck wandered through the weapons displays (with Breck taking copious notes ala the 'Magic Treehouse' research guide books he had received for Christmas), while the girls spend time in the tower of textiles. The whole family enjoyed the carts that used to be hitched to camels and wagons for royal rides in the country...
I'm trying to remember the exact award these silver jugs have in the Guinness book - largest silver things in the world or something like that - but they were apparently used to bring holy water from the Ganges River to London by one of the maharashtras for some reason at some point in time. Now they are very useful as a place for red turbaned men to lean on as people take pictures so as to provide them a reason for asking for a tip.

And those guy are everywhere! Just when you thought it was safe to take a picture with the cool stone elephants, there they are!!

Entering into another courtyard (through a series of ornate doors), we came to a walled enclosure guarded by four fantastically ornate doors.
They are all painted in a fabulous rendering of animals and gods - rich and detailed, even by gaudy Indian standards
The peacocks were our favorites - there were two doors dedicated to them that took our breath away.
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