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Holi 2010

Holi's here! That great celebration of water and color that we've enjoyed so much in the past....

The water balloons were all filled and ready to go

Mom made sure to purchase the non-toxic, non-staining paint, so we could enjoy the day without worries of allergic reactions or stained clothing!

But Alea was more on the prowl with the squirt gun!

Breck totally got into the spirit of things, looking sweet in his paint and nasty during the water fights!

Even Dave got pulled into the action - his shirt was a favorite target for handprints, he held his own during the water fights, and he even let Alea talk him into a visit around the neighborhood to catch a full glimpse of Holi.

Everybody walking the streets was decorated in the colors of the season, so Dave and Alea ventured out with some girls from the apartment to see what we could see. And it wasn't long at all before the paint started flying.

Families just walking around were covered, and they shared their paint powder with us.

These kids were throwing some water balloons, and did become a little annoying after a while, but really, all they wanted was to be a little crazy.

Big smiles from a kid who just HAD to get his picture taken.

Even grocery-shoppers and motorcycle-riders were not immune from the paint - everybody was covered!

One lady seemed to be wanting to help her friends out by rinsing them off, but 'm not sure they appreciated it.
Standing in the back of a truck, this kid saw us coming, bellowed at dad to get him some colors, and then headed straight over to us to help decorate.

And when the big boys decided to get a little crazy, we figured that we'd had enough fun.

But oh! Did we look GOOOOOOD!!!

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