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Family Fun Day '09

Our school's Family Fun Day is a celebration filled with activities, games, food, and shopping. It gives the school community the opportunity to come togehter for an afternoon of fun, with a lot of the proceeds going to local NGOs that have relationships with the school.

Susan's class set up a "Fishing Booth" for little prizes, while Dave's advisory ran a "Crash the Cans" activity. Breck sold (and made!) lemonade with his class, while Alea's group had a "Throw the Sponge at the Teacher" money raiser. Aside from our times of responsibility, however, we had the opportunity to wander and test the other goings-on.
Alea had a blast at the crazy hair booth (and you can still see the chocolate remnants from her doughnuts as well!), while Dave took his turn at the sponge booth and the water-balloon-burst-over-the-teacher-head stand. That's not him in the shot above, but you get the idea as to how much fun that was (and how many tickets the kids wanted to spend dousing their teachers!)
The shopping was pretty grand too - books and woodwork and woven items and paper products all found their way home with us today, fueled by a smorgasborg of international treats. Dave finally found the kimchee he'd been searching for in Mumbai, and also feasted on a Malaysian lunch, an Indian samosa, and a good old fashioned American hotdog!

Breck was less than thrilled about going on the ferris wheel at the fair, but dad was pretty insistant that at least one of the kids got the chance to experience an Indian human-motored carnival ride!

But then he discovered the pillow fight booth, and we were off to the races!

We pounded and smacked each other atop a couple of wobbly cushions. I think the final score was Breck 2 - Dad 1 - Tie 1. A super way to wrap up a super day (and hopefully father was forgiven for making him ride the ferris wheel with all the girls!)

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