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Easter 2009

Our Easter celebrations this year were kind of lost in a lot of shuffle. We'd returned from our Egypt trip last Sunday, on Western Easter, so we decided to postpone all our doings until today, which was Orthodox Easter. We figured that we were ok, seeings how we hailed from Greek Orthodox stock and had lived among the Orthodox Serbs for so long!

But then the Saturday got a bit crazy, with Dave coaching at school in the morning, Susan deciding to paint the living room, and a Bihar flood relief fundraiser in the evening. But the kids managed to get some eggs painted up and ready to go.
This morning, the kids were up good and early, rarin' to go. Somehow or another, the Easter Bunny had found his way to Mumbai and hidden the eggs all over our place. After searching high and low, Alea and Breck managed to track down their respective baskets.

Alea found hers in a drawer, while Breck's wound up in the oven! They had each picked out a present in the Dubai airport on the way home, so part of their special treat for the day was getting to open that up.
Alea had wanted a little donkey (seated next to her on the table in front of the fishtank) and Breck had found a Star Wars Lego set (nothing Star Wars is available in India, so this was super special).

Even mom made out for the holiday, with some glittery eggs to add to our bowl!
After a morning of chowing down on chocolaty yummies, Dave and Susan headed out to a local craft fair and got dad an Easter present - a wooden Ganesh statue!

He matches our new paint job perfectly and now sits proudly in the corner of the livingroom, blithely removing all obstacles!

What a happy Easter day!

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