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Diwali 2008

For our second Diwali in India, the school celebrated in similar fashion (see last year's pictures here). The long garlands of marigolds and other flowers were strung around, and the rangoli (sand art) was meticulously displayed. (And, if you look closely, you'll see that we are in the same outfits as well!)
This year's dance was performed by middle school students
The play was performed by the superintendant's daughter (playing the hero Ram), the middle school principal's daughter (playing his wife Sita), and the high school principal's daughter (playing the villian Ravana), along with a supporting cast of other students.
The Save the Children foundation located next door also put on a performance, led by students who were all hearing-impaired. It was pretty impressive to see how well Hanuman the monkey god and Ram played their roles!

And of course kids all around the school were dressed up for the special day. The seventh graders were a very excited bunch, while Breck's friends looked sharp and Alea even got to perform for a parents' recital!!

What a crazy, full, colorful day!!

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