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In the middle of our day full of Muslim monuments, we stopped at one that is emblematic of the Baha’i faith – the Lotus Temple. 

Looking eerily like the famed Sydney opera house, this building of worship draws meditators and believers (as well as disbelievers!) from around the world. 
We lined up to take off our shoes with the throngs of people and sit in the silence for a few minutes. Unfortunately for Susan, she got a sinus drip just as we got through the doors and had to make a quick exit so her coughing wouldn’t distract from the mood.

We did stop and have Alea take our picture on the way out!

India Gate

Our final stop was at the India Gate, an enormous recreation of the Arc d’Triomphe in Paris (ok, maybe that’s not what it is trying to be, but that is the way it looked to us). Inscribed with the names of India's dead from WWI, it is the site of a huge parade every year on Republic Day (which is Breck's birthday!!).

This was one of the kids’ favorite stops, because of the hustle and bustle all around the base. 

and many different stands and stalls catering to their every need. 

There were tons of people out, enjoying the sunset, 

We were among the few obviously foreign tourists, and so it felt like we were a part of the Delhi evening parade.
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