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The masses of people, crazy forms of transport, and open sewer filled streets overwhelm all the senses, but at the same time are (perhaps in a guilty sort of way) thrilling. 

Ahh, the streets of Delhi. What things one can see in an hour-long ride. Unbelievable. 

Here, people and animals live cheek to jowl, and the basic necessities are available on every street corner. 
It seems that things - from transportation to manual labor to roadside religious ceremonies - haven't changed in hundreds of years.

The ebb and flow of life, the commotion, the hustle - all what I imagine life in any ancient Roman or medieval city to have been like, and it is here, on display, in 21st century grandeur.

Food shopping is always an adventure...

The markets are small, but full of all the in-season fruits

More onions and potatoes than you can shake a stick at!

Specialty grocers provide the latest exotic tastes in an organic, eco-friendly setting

Delhi fast food...

And Santa's got dessert (I wonder how many times that stuff's be thawed and refrozen?)

Strict sanitary regimens are observed to ensure that only the highest quality produce reaches your table...

Of course, this is the other fun way to ride a bicycle rickshaw.

It was a colorful, adventurous morning (especially when the rally was factored in), but it did worry me a bit about how the family was doing. Turned out that Susan was chilling out, drinking coffee, and enjoying watching the tree in our hotel grow, Breck was just itching for a chance to get outside and run around, and Alea was feeling much better...

She must have been saying a silent prayer to the Sai Baba statues perched over the refrigerator in the hotel!
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