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Dadar Flower Market

We headed down to the Dadar train station one Saturday morning to visit the famous flower market there. We had been told that the real action starts early - around 4 in the morning - but we didn't leave until after a leisurely sleep in to 8am. The place was still bustling, however, and we were certainly not disappointed in the sights and sounds!
We had bought some woven baskets our first year in Mumbai, and have been fascinated by them every since. Naturally, one of the first things that we noticed was the huge number of baskets being made, sold, and used all throughout the market. Made us feel right at home!
But this is primarily a work zone, where people are hustling back and forth. Everyone - from the cargo haulers to the sweepers - had very little time to take from their busy schedules, as the Saturday market was in full swing.
Flowers were being brought all over the market in various combinations, from basketfuls to headfuls, to hanging garlands.
The women who were doing much of the selling seemed to be enjoying their work and were not too upset by the white people taking their pictures.
It is amazing to think of all the work that goes into all the pieces that are sold - everything is done by hand!
The men were hard working as well, but not above a smile or two as we passed by.
From hand wrapped bracelets to lotus offerings to packaged flowers, they had it all!
The marigolds were everywhere, as they are used for garlands at temples

And we ended up buying a few bouquets for the equivalent of about 50 cents each.

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