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Craft Sale

There was an exhibition held down the road of arts and crafts from all over India. Susan had CPR training one Saturday morning, so Dave and the kids visited. We enjoyed it so much (OK, Dave did anyways) that mom and dad returned together on Sunday.

It was an enormous tent filled chock full of stuff from all over India. We wandered up and down the aisles, looking and buying. Susan was intrigued by the patio furniture and the mirrors, but we ended up spending our money elsewhere. Come along and check out some of what we saw there:


There were stalls full of beads and jewelry. Alea had a lot of fun looking through these, and Breck had a blast trying on big 'power rings'


The food choices were certainly colorful, but we chose not to indulge. I thought it was interesting that many of the stands used incense as a fly deterrent...


This is a pottery shop that colors its works with paint with a copper color, perhaps to make the finished product look like a metal product. When we passed by, these guys had a huge pile of small hanging oil lamps to work on. While we didn't end up getting an elephant, we did get a piece from here to hang in a corner that we've found is too dark for a plant.

Folk Art


These guys (and a number of others) sell dried palm leaves that are etched with pictures of the gods and goddesses, coated with an ink and then wiped. The color only stays where the stylus has broken the surface, and the detail is quite overwhelming. Many of the pictures tell stories straight out of the myths of the region

OK, so not every panel is quite as highbrow as the others, but the Kama Sutra is, after all part of the history of India, right?


The woodworking was the part of the exhibition that Dave liked the best. There was a ton of different types of things - from plain wood wall hangings to gaudily painted statues. The kids liked the things with colors while Susan preferred plain. I think any of these dancing elephants would look fantastic on the porch of the Rimini cabin!

Around back in most of the stalls were the guys who really make these places happen. They were pretty welcoming and showed us some of the tricks behind their beautiful works.

And oh yes, we ended up buying some stuff: Alea got a bracelet and onyx turtle, we got 2 wooden tops, Susan picked up a hanging pottery piece and a small couch cushion cover, Dave got 2 wood wall hangings, and the family is now the proud owner of a gorgeous silk rug (that will be the pride of my bargaining stories for years to come. Talked them down 60% off the opening price!) to rest in our living room. Whoo hoo.

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