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The next morning we ran through Agra fort an amazing place with lots of hide and seek potential.
As the one-time capital of India, Agra's fort walls as as huge and forbidding as those at Delhi's Red Fort
Our time there was a lot more pleasant than Shah Jehan, who had the Taj Mahal built for his wife. Overthrown by his son, he was jailed in the fort and had to live out the rest of his life looking at her final resting place from its windows.
Alea was intrigued by all the screens and couldn't quite get the idea of a harem (dad's note: GOOD!!). As we had the grounds mostly to ourselves, we were able to appreciate how a lonely king might have spent his time wandering the gardens.

A monkey hanging out

Intricate lintels

White walls, perfect for hot days

The red, red walls in the morning sun

More monkeys?

The fort's massive walls and fortified gates and the delicate marble inlay and finely carved colonnades are such a contrast; two equally impressive features of this wonderful place.

Of course the kids found animals there, and despite that were still not excited about having pictures taken! I don't know what we're going to do with them!!
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