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Honduras Revisited

Looking out our front gateWe returned to Honduras in August, 2000, this time with 2 kids in tow. Dave drove down with Wayne Jensen from Kenosha (some pictures and the story of the trip are here) and got set up a few days before Susan made it down. One of his first required tasks was to find a house. To the right is a view from the front gate of our place, complete with coconut, avacado, lemon, mango, and mandarin orange trees and a yard perfect for running around (and soaking in the pool).
Garrobo!!And you can't forget our resident lizards - meat eaters called garrobos here. Don't tell the kids that the locals actually hunt these things and make a soup out of them!! This guy was chased by Alea, Breck, and dad around the back yard and photographed on one of our walls.

Pulhapanzak in all its glory
Pulhapanzak waterfalls: 43 meters high, with hidden caves behind them. Gorgeous
See Wayne go swimming here.
A picture of Alea there.
Pulhapanzak from the meditation benches

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