February, 2003
My birthday!
make a wish
isn't this a Kiss song?
I love birthday cake!!
I want it
gimme more
how old am i?
thanks grandma
those guys are related to me?
Grandma always gives me bug hugs
Great grandma and I check out pictures
happy birthday to me
Blues Clues rules!
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Billy were the big hit...
...with the Birthday Notebook
Nathan volunteers
what is it?
Nathan and Alea were also big helpers in opening presents at Grandma's house
all for me
more star wars toys
I also had a birthday party at my house, with noisemakers, presents, and crafts
protective fishing equipment
I got to open a lot of gifts and enjoy pizza and cake with Alea and (second) cousins Timmy, Ethan, and Josh
It was also fun to dress up like a podracer and 'go fishing"
all the kids
i want a blue one

But life is more than just cake and birthdays. Alea and I really enjoy zooming around in the snow (which is good, since this is Minnesota after all!)
we're ready for you to pull us
ok, now we're ready to go in

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