March, 2001

Beater lickin' good!!

Of course, the best part about being a birthday boy is getting to make and eat the cake!! Breck (and Alea) had a great time licking the beaters and the bowl. By the way, that red stuff on his forehead is marker. After munching on the raw dough, Breck took Daddy for a drive in the truck.
Vroom Vroom

Blue arrives from the piņata store
So just what had Daddy been doing in the truck? Only out getting the fixin's for Breck's piñata - the coolest cartoon character around: Blue, the puppy!!
Take that, Blue!!
These are a few of my favorite things!!
Breck loved playing with Blue for a couple of days, but that didn't stop him from whacking her to pieces at school one day!

Whoa - it sticks!
Mmm - tastes like chicken...
And the presents rocked too. The best was a velcro ball throwing set thingy - not that Breck used it for throwing!!

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