Things to keep in mind when putting on a Power Point Presentation

Cardinal Rule #1: 
Plan your show before you type

Cardinal Rule #2:
Type everything out BEFORE you add fancy stuff
Cardinal Rule #3:
Font size must be greater than 32 points
Cardinal Rule #4:
Do not put much text on a slide (40 words max!)
Cardinal Rule #5:
No Sentences - Use Outline Form!!
Cardinal Rule #6:
Use High Contrast colors between text and background (eg black and yellow)
  • Do more than simply read from the screen. You must present more information than just what you have typed in
  • Pay more attention to the textual information: worry less about the graphics and animation
  • Erase extra slides at the end of the presentation
  • Make sure there is a title slide and an ending slide
  • Is there “Dead Time” during your presentation?
  • Speak loudly and slowly!!
  • Be prepared to answer questions about information you present
  • Run a spell check on any assignment you turn in or present!
  • Make sure your information is complete and accurate
  • Add good extra information to the presentation
  • Is there good professionalism in your presentation?
  • Are all group members participating in presentation?
  • Make sure the organization of the your slides is clear and well thought out: watch that slides are in a sensible order and aren’t repeated
  • The font color/contrast/size is important in making you show easy or difficult to read and follow 

Specific hints as to making a power point
Fancy stuff