Quick Guide to making a powerpoint

  • Click "Start," "Programs," "Microsoft Powerpoint"
  • Click "Blank Presentation" and then "OK"
  • Click "OK"
    • this lets you choose how your slides will look
    • your first slide should always be a title slide
  • Click and type your text
    • Remember the 6 cardinal rules
    • Adjust the text size and font just as you would in Word
    • Adjust the font color by clicking "Format," "Font"
  • Add a new slide by clicking "Insert," "New Slide," or the new slide icon
  • Select the slide layout depending on what you need
  • To adjust the slide color and design

    • "Format," "Apply Design"
      • Choose a presentation design, click "apply"
      • This will change all slides in your presentation
    • "Format," "Background"
      • Click on the little triangle under the picture
        • Other colors: will apply a solid color background
        • Fill effects: you can make funky backgrounds
      • This can either affect 1 slide or all of them

    To reorder slides

    • Switch to the "slide sorter" view
    • Click and hold down on the slide you want to move
    • Drag it to the place you want it

    To insert a picture

    • "Insert," "Picture"
      • Clip Art: you can pick a picture that's stored in the clip art gallery
      • From File: you can put any other file format picture (such as from the internet)
  • To run the presentation, click on the "Slide Show" button, and click on the mouse to advance slides