Alternative Energy Research Project


You will propose an alternative to our current energy system. Instead of the current reliance on fossil fuels, establish a new system using one or more alternative fuels. Also, consider changes to the current system of wires and power plants.

Your Power Point Presentation must include the following:

-The environmental impact of our current power system

    • Include problems regarding air pollution, water pollution, and ground pollution. 
    • Include problems the millions of miles of wire above and below the earth currently in use may cause.

-The environmental impact of the new system you propose

    • Explain how it affects problems such as space, ground pollution, water pollution, and air pollution.
    • Explain why it is an improvement over the current system

-Any negative aspects of your system. None will be perfect.

-A comparison of the power output of your proposal to the current system and other systems that could be implemented. 

    • If the output is less, explain how you might make up for the loss.
    • You must include at least one excel chart to illustrate this

-At least three slides that explain why other sources are unacceptable (this means you should research other sources as well)

-At least 20 slides.

-A final slide with a full bibliography of no less than 5 sources. The bibliography must be in the APA format shown in Writer’s Inc. for citing sources.

Along with the presentation you must type a five paragraph persuasive essay following the keyhole essay format. The essay should reinforce why we should use your system.

View the full rubric here

Mr. Stutz's classes - earn extra credit! Submit a disk with web addresses relating to this project. Do NOT turn in commercial sites that have little or no value - please make sure your classmates can actually use the information in their research.

examples of

Alternative Energy Links

turned in by students

Timeline of Due Dates

3-24/27 You must have chosen a subject and have at least one paragraph of notes on your project.

3-28/29 Must have found at least three Internet sources on your power source. Print out one page of notes and the web page(s) on which you found them 

3-30/31 Four slides finished and the thesis statement for your paper are due

4-4/3 You must have at least two library sources with at least ten bullet-pointed facts

4-5/6 Eight slides and the rough draft of your paper are due

4-7/10 12 slides finished

4-11/12 Bibliography finished (you may not present until I see this)

4-13/14 You should have 16 slides finished

4-17/18 Your Power Point will be checked off at the end of the period

4-19/20 Paper is due

Presentations begin in class after spring break. Everyone will present in class. Be sure to follow ALL Power Point rules and guidelines.

Your Power Point will be graded on both appearnce and content. It must persuade the class to accept your proposal. 

Your paper will be graded on content and format.

This will not be the only assignment on these dates. Expect to start your portfolio and how to design web pages.
Be prepared to bring your assignment notebooks. 
Also, the first part of the period will be typically yours to work on your own. If you do not have anything to do in the first part of the period and are disruptive, you will be docked points and will be given further assignments.