Making an MYP Mummy

Pictures from 2005
The king is dead! Long live the king!
As we prepare for a royal burial, there is quite a bit of work to complete. Egyptians believed that many tasks were required to make the afterlife a successful venture. Each of you will be assigned to one of the following groups where you have the specific responsibility for the outlined duties. I've tried to underline the materials needed or each, but of course you are welcome to substitue or add as you see fit:
  • Canopic jars - you must make replicas of the canopic jars and the organs that would be place in them. You may use empty cans or bottles from home (cleaned out!!), decorated with the correct gods' heads, and drawings of the organs placed inside each.
  • Linen decorations - your task is to make decorations, jewelry, and amulets to place inside the mummy's wrappings. You can use rocks or clay painted to look like authentic scarab jewelry, or other such items
  • Mask - you must make a realistic-looking "death mask" for the mummy out of flour, newspaper, plastic wrap, and water. In addition to identifying the deceased, it also served to demonstrate their importance in life. Since this mummy is of a very important person, your death mask had better be impressive!!
  • Case or apron - you are in charge of the mummy case - the inscriptions that will be placed on the sarcophagus itself. Your task is to design and create a stunning series of pictures and prayers that will be placed over the body. Since the death mask will sit on top of your creation, you should work closely with the maskers to make sure everything fits together!
  • Burial items - you must create 'stuff' for the mummy's tomb. An ancient Egyptian needed to have everything all set up to spend an eternity of ease (including workers!), and this one is no exception. Using clay, paper, cans, jars, rocks, wood, and other material as you see fit, design and decorate items to be buried with our mummy.
  • You can see pictures from these projects by following these links - class 2004, class 2005


The MYP centers around certain Areas of Interaction. As we construct our class mummy, each group will need to prepare a quick presentation on how their objects (as the Ancient Egyptians made them) reflect the following:

Homo Faber

    • Why, what, and how did the Egyptians create? 
    • What are the consequences?

    Community and Service

    • How did the Egyptians live in relation to each other? 
    • How did the Egyptians contribute to their community? 
    • How did the Egyptians help others? 


    • What resources did the Egyptians have or need? 
    • What were the Egyptians' responsibilities in terms of their environment? 

    Health and Social Education

    • How did the Egyptians think and act? 
    • How did the Egyptians look after myself and others?
As a concluding activity, we will prepare a class poster outlining what we have learned about the Egyptians in terms of these areas of interaction. Your final grade will be determined by your participation in BOTH the mummy creation and the follow-up activity