Pictures of us Making a Mummy - 2005

Both classes of 7th graders created their own mummy burial. Vlado and Stefan volunteered for the death mask and sat through the arduous process
Zoki and Eva made a cast of a mini mask, while other groups concentrated on creating beautiful decorations
Andrea, Ash, and Kayci were pleased to have their pictures taken as they created the sarcophogus, and Max and Nick prepared to make tomb decorations

After the plaster dried, then it was time to paint. Both classes made their death masks gold (left) and followed the general paint scheme of King Tut's mask.

Clay was the preferred medium for the tomb and burial items. We had people building scarabs, ankhs, household effects, and precious jewelly.

The sarcophogii were painted in all sorts of royal colors, and a bunch of decorations were ready to be fixed to the top
Of course, some people were pretty happy to paint each other instead!

When we were all finished, each group had a chance to show off the work they'd done.
What a fitting set of burial tribute for the great king Stutzesses!