One of the most important themes of Geography is that of Human and Environmental Interaction. This project will examine the properties of the theme of Interaction as they relate to the global drug trade.

   Drugs are generally defined as anything that alters a person's moods, feelings, perceptions, or emotions. To that end, we will be examining drugs that are legal and regulated as well as illegal substances. This is a project working in tandem with the Forensics and Health classes and their comprehensive examination of some of the physiological effects of drugs.

  There are obviously many different types of drugs, so class examples are only a starting point. Feel free to approach me with other suggestions and ideas. Please note that I am strongly against the use of any substances that are illegal (including not only illicit drugs but also alcohol and tobacco for people of your ages). The purpose of this project is to help better acquaint you with parts of our world in which you might have had little previous experience by relating them with a theme.

  Your assignment is to select a drug and prepare a comprehensive country report on a country involved in the trade of a drug to the United States. To facilitate this task, the project will be broken into 5 components, each with their own specific due dates. 

  • Step 1: Identify the principal nations involved in the growth and export of the drug to the United States

  • Due at the end of the next class (Mar 31)
  • Step 2: Make an Excel spreadsheet and chart containing the amount and dollar value of the countries' exports over at least the past 10 years

  • Due at the end of the third class (April 6)
  • Step 3: Prepare a map of ONE of those countries illustrating the physical characteristics that enable it to be a primary producer. Remember to include all the elements of the map that you were graded on previously

  • Due at the end of the third class (April 6)
  • Step 4: Devise a Country Action Plan (CAP) that would reduce by at least 50% that nation's exports of the drug without resorting to military options. Look at initiatives such as alternative crops, eco-tourism, industrial capitalization, etc

  • Due at the end of the fifth class (April 12)
  • Step 5: Write a 2-4 page 'interview' with a worker involved with the drug trade, explaining from his/her point of view why or why not your CAP is a feasible option Due at the end of the sixth class (April 14) - Your Europe Map Quiz will also take place this date
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