The 5 Themes of Geography

The compass of truth (yeah, whatever)


      The location on the Earth's surface
      Answers the question "Where is it?" 


        • A precise location
        • Example
          • Latitude/Longitude
          • Street address


        • Location in relationship to another object
        • "South of Ohio" or "next to the park"


      A location's physical and cultural (human) characteristics
      Answers the question "What is it like there?" 
      • Can include characteristics such as 
        • Climate
        • Landforms
        • Bodies of water
        • Natural vegetation
        • Wildlife
        • Manmade attributes

    Human/Environment Interaction 

      The shaping of the landscape
      Answers the question "How do humans live there?" or "how do humans effect the environment and vice versa?"
      • Examines the advantages and disadvantages of different locations
      • 3 ways people relate to their environment
        • Depend on it (eg. Lake Michigan - water)
        • Modify it (eg. buildings, AC)
        • Adapt to it (eg. clothing style)


      The transfer (movement) of people, goods, and ideas
      Answers the question "How did it get here?"
      • Specific examples of movement
        • Immigration (people)
        • Transportation (goods)
        • News (information)


      Areas that share unifying natural or cultural characteristics
      Answers the question "How is it like other places?"
      • Examples from the movie:
        • Physical regions

          • coastal
          • desert
          • forest (old growth example)
          • mountains

          Political regions

          • nations
          • states
          • urban
            • neighborhoods (by ethnic group)
            • land use
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