Alessandra Marie Stutz

October, 2000 (1)

What the heck is this???One of the coolest things about my new house is the wildlife. There are huge butterflies and moths, frogs, dogs, cats, bright yellow birds, big black birds, and tiny red birds. The best, though, are the lizards. Every night, Daddy and I go out on a  lizard hunt, searching around the house for the geckos that live there and eat all the flying bugs. When we see one, we say "Baby lizard alert, baby lizard alert!!" to let mom and Breck know that we see them.

Well hello there...
There are garrobos that live in the roof of our house - huge (meat eating?) things. Mom doesn't like them because sometimes their poop drips down the walls after a rain storm, but I like to watch them sunning themselves. Dad told us how he found an iguana in the toilet when he first came to check out the house, but we haven't had anything quite that exciting yet. The closest was when we found a lizard in the pool. I think he fell in from a tree and couldn't climb out because of the slick walls. 

Just me and my lizard...Once while we were planting flowers, we came across some eggs buried in the dirt. Breck accidentally speared one, so we looked inside to see what it was. It was a lizard, but it was bigger than a gecko. Maybe it was a garrobo, but we never found out.

The other day, we found another kind of lizard. He wasn't a gecko or a garrobo, but he was patient (or scared) enough to let Breck and me hold him for a while. You can see how much fun it is to play with him. I let him go on our back wall so that he'd come back and visit us again and again.

Of course, Breck and I still take every opportunity to do other cool things. We visited Pulhapanzak falls and Santa Barbara here in Honduras. The falls are really cool, but playing in the river was the real highlight, and Santa Barbara is famous for its weaving. I got a bunch of really neat 'corn dollies' there.

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