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The Great Mexico Guatemala Honduras Trek, version 2.000.11

Starring Dave Stutz, Wayne Jensen, and Suzy the Isuzu

Day 11 (Friday, July 28)

Pulhapanzak Water Falls.

We hit the falls as a relaxing end-of the trip stop after a day of 'catch-up' in San Pedro Sula.We met some local "guides" there, teenaged boys who promised to show us around. Taking turns while the other watched the cameras and stuff, Wayne and I went into, under, and behind the waterfalls. We had a geat time doing it, whooping and yelling like little kids.

Wayne was grinning like a kid in a candy shop when he came out from under the falls. He even took a couple of jumps into the water (I snapped just a split second too late in the top right picture) and breast-stroked his way out of the lagoon.

Whew. Looks like someone needs a beer. Luckily for us, the ever-popular Agua Azul hotel with its fabulous lakefront patio was just down the road.

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