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The Great Mexico Guatemala Honduras Trek, version 2.000

Starring Dave Stutz, Wayne Jensen, and Suzy the Isuzu

Day 9 (Wednesday, July 26)

The Promised Land.

Dawn broke long after we hit the road. We followed the highway south, and then exited toward El Florido, a sleepy border town reachable via a dirt road. Or so we thought. It turns out Guatemala is in the process of paving the way through, perhaps turning it into a more major point of entry. The only problem is, all but about the last 3 miles is paved. and oh, are those last 3 miles a bear!! They took us right around an hour to traverse.

The crossing took us just over an hour, after winding from office to office. It was the archetypical Central American stereotypical sleepy border post - guards lounging about with machine guns propped on desks, dogs all over, money changers, muddy dirt roads on either side, and mildowing ledgers full of information from the early 80's. Everything is done by hand, and manual typewriters are used to fill out 'official' papers.Honduras has instituted a $20 fee on vehicles brought into the country with non-Central American license plates, so we got charged that along with the typical entry garbage for a total fee of about $33. 

Once we got done with the crossing formalities (ha -the visa for the truck was 3x as long as my visa!!), we headed through Copan Ruinas and scooted towards San Pedro Sula. We actually only got turned around once, and that was actually in the city, and by early afternoon we'd made it to the school!! We did a little more of the waiting around thing (Wayne was making great headway into his book) while admin got up to speed with us - we hadn't been expected for another 3 days. Once the truck was unloaded, we were shown to a house that we could stay at. We were set in Honduras - time to kind of take a day off.

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