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A collection of some of our pictures that were taken for no reason beyond the fact that we thought they looked pretty. Of course, many of the pictures on the other pages (and on our walls, and of our kids, and stashed in boxes around the house...) could just as easily qualify. But who's got time to scan all those in - and would you really want to look at them? Well, probably yes, but that doesn't change the fact that they're not here yet. So browse and enjoy the ones that are here...
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Maple leaf in the ferns
Hiking through the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior, I came across the little guy who was looking forward to the upcoming fall season (although he was a couple of months ahead of schedule). This is probably one of my favorite pictures right now.
Kolorful kayaks
Also at the Apostles, a group of kayakers pulled up on the shore of Basswood Island for a lunch break
Sunset over the Apostles
The sunset over the lake that evening was all that we'd expected...
The Vietnam Memorial
I've been told this is a pretty neat picture, and it has started to grow on me. I was dinging around in D.C. and decided to just try to take a picture of the Vietnam Wall at night. This girl and her dad were rubbing a name, and they said it was ok to take the picture. I didn't even notice the reflection of the Washington Monument until the picture was developed.

Kenosha Lighthouse
Sunset colors the sky behind the lighthouse in Kenosha

View through a cut glass decoration
The 1997 art fair in Ann Arbor, MI was the scene for this interesting view through some glass ornaments. Abstract? I guess so. Artsy fartsy? Definitely. 

From our travels

Seeing neat places around the world has certainly given us the chance to take some cool pictures. Here are a few, but you can always find more on each country's picture page


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Roatan West End beach
The beautiful West End beach on the Island of Roatan


Brightly colored synthetic rope for sale in Santa Barbara


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Pakistani bus
The view from inside a Pakistani bus. The women all had to sit in the front section, the entire inside and outside were decorated and painted, and the driver (yes, that's him on the right) keeps a close watch on the goings on.
A mosque interior
Inside the Wazir Khan mosque in Lahore
Peshewar jeweler
An old man examining Afghani jewelry in a Peshawar shop
Susan's favorite picture: pottery in Multan


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Fatepuhr Sikhri, an abandoned city just outside Agra (This was Susan's favorite picture from that trip)
Flower Taj
The Taj Mahal is worth an entire Artsy page in and of itself. There are more pictures on our India page, but these are a couple of the 'pretty'ones. The picture above was taken from a hill right outside our hotel, and the one below is in the early morning just inside the gates.

Top o' the morning to the Taj


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Korean buddas
Everywhere we looked, the watchful eyes of budda followed us
South Korea seashore snoozer
This man decided that the port at Pusan was the perfect place to take a little nap
Korean Camelias
The camelias blooming provided a gorgeous frontdrop at the temples around the country
But life went quietly on for the monks, despite the beauty around them